Atwell, The Quiet Acheiver
For a quiet residential suburb, there’s a lot of noise around Atwell at the moment, which in turn is generating plenty of attention from the real estate sector.

Property Wizards Managing Director, Liz Sterzel, was interviewed by Heidi Davoren for the February 2014 issue of API Magazine’s feature on Atwell. Read some highlights from the interview below, and pick up API Magazine to get the complete picture of the excitement building around the sleepy suburb of Atwell.

What is the buyer sentiment like in Atwell at the moment?

It’s buoyant buying and selling activity in Atwell at the moment for a number of factors. On a broader scale, low interest rates tend to be driving first homeowners to upgrade, and Atwell appears to be gaining a bit of attention from this crowd. The new and ongoing infrastructure at nearby Cockburn Central and the world-class marina under way at Coogee, less than 12km west of Atwell, is also injecting more enthusiasm into the area.

Could you describe the mix of housing stock available? Are there any emerging trends?

Traditionally houses in Atwell sat on blocks sized between 500 and 700sqm. Today buyers will more often find houses on blocks sized between 300 and 500sqm. The smaller blocks are generally known as ‘cottage blocks’. Most houses are modern with three or four bedrooms.

The suburb features a number of housing estates and because it has significantly increased in density over the past 10 years or so there’s not much more space for development. This is a good thing for investors because it helps protect the value of your property. Consequently the development is now transitioning further south to suburbs like Aubin Grove.

What is Atwell’s major strength?

Atwell is a good commuter suburb, which sits along the train line between Perth and Mandurah. The suburb offers easy access to Perth via train or Kwinana Freeway, or only 12km west by road to Coogee, on the Cockburn Coast.

Close to Cockburn Central, where a train hub and new Town Centre is under way, and where Cockburn Gateway Shopping City is located, Atwell also offers good schools, parks and neighbourhood shops.

Just 12km north of Atwell, at Murdoch, is the under construction new health job hub at the Fiona Stanley Hospital. The jobs generated from this new health hub, along with the new Cockburn Central Town Centre are likely to mean greater buyer demand in Atwell.

For further analysis of the suburb of Atwell, including which areas might yield the best capital growth and which areas to avoid, read the February 2014 issue of API Magazine or visit our Media Page.

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