“Location, location, location” is an old real estate saying and with good reason.

Choosing where you buy is an important factor that many people overlook when doing their homework, which can lead to paying too much or missing a bargain.

Selecting the right suburb is all about growth potential and you can stack the odds in your favour by investing in an area where the whole property market is set to increase.

So, how do you know where to look?

Firstly, buyers need to identify the suburbs they are interested in and that fit their budget for the type of property they want.

Once they’ve got a list of suburbs, they can begin to assess the each area for potential growth indicators.

Try the following:

  • Look for proven growth:

Identify the suburbs where there is a long history of buyer demand. When people consistently want to live in an area, it drives prices up over time. Good schools, parks, sports facilities, medical facilities and lifestyle factors are popular drawcards for buyers.

  • Proximity to the city:

Take a map of the city and draw a 10km radius around the city centre. If there are no suburbs that fit within your budget follow the same process up to a 20km radius. There will always be demand for central locations, close to employment, transport, shopping and entertainment.

  • Proximity to water:

Draw a line parallel to the coastline 5km from the ocean or 5km either side of a river. The area must also have good transport to the city and not be more than 20km away from the city centre.

  • Potential growth:

With this approach buyers need to add in any suburbs where they know there are strong factors that will make the suburb very attractive in the future, such as a new major development, improved transportation or if the local council is planning additional zonings for higher density.

When these steps are followed, buyers can sit back comfortably knowing they have done their homework and loaded the odds in their favour for better investment growth. Choosing the right property in the right area strengthens your investment potential, making growth the icing on the cake.

Professional advice should always be taken into consideration.

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