Every home buyer is a property investor

Every home buyer is a property investor, especially when you consider the amount of money involved in buying a home these days.

Someday you may want to leave your home to your children in your estate, or need to sell your home to finance another move. Wouldn’t you like to know that the home you love was also an astute investment?

When it comes to making decisions about where your family is going to live, you would be wise to do the best you can by taking advantage of help available to take the stress and worry out of finding and negotiating the deal.

Engaging a buyers agent can remove the stress from what is generally one of the top three stressful experiences of your life

Why DIY when you get a better result from a professional who will save you time, stress and more importantly money.

There’s a rapidly growing trend for home buyers to enlist the help of experts, with almost one in four of our clients now seeking assistance to search for their family home.

It’s not surprising more people are hiring buying representatives, with rapid changes happening in the Perth property market in the past few years, many home buyers want an expert on their side.

“We’ve seen the property market become much more sophisticated, so now, just as most people wouldn’t dream of trying to fix their modern, hi-tech cars these days, they also wouldn’t try to buy their home without expert help.”

In many cases the cost of services provided by buyers agents can be covered by what you might have paid had someone not been negotiating the purchase on your behalf.

Brian and Sally engaged Property Wizards to help them move home to Perth from the United Kingdom.

The search for the right property took three months and it had everything they had asked for – plenty of space, accessibility for a wheelchair, even lots of trees and shade for Sally to enjoy the outdoors.

“We bought the property for $580,000, originally it was on the market for $625,000 so Property Wizards saved us nearly $50,000 of the market price,” Brian said.

“There is no way that I could have managed to achieve this, it would have been very expensive for me and I’m sure it would have taken a lot longer as I don’t know the market at all.”

“It was so nice knowing … the transition will be stress-free as Property Wizards has done all the work already.”

Choosing a home is a very personal choice. Some criteria can’t be explained by logic – it must feel right too.

So it is important that your buyer’s agent works with not only what we call ‘hard criteria’ such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the suburb you’d like to live in and so on, but also ‘soft criteria’ that include quality, style, spaciousness, street appeal and the like, that can also influence a final decision when buying a home.

It’s a good idea to collect some examples of homes you like the look of so you can clearly communicate the kind of home that feels right for you.

Your home should stack up as a great investment so you can benefit from good capital growth should you wish to sell your home.

By acting as an independent purchaser, and holding steadfast to a set of agreed criteria, a buyer’s agent can effectively remove the possibility of making a wrong decision based on impulse or sheer frustration and which you might regret down the line.

So, trust in experience and make your next move with confidence from the comfort of your couch.

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