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I'd like a high quality home and someone who can undestand my needs. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely we can help. We specialise in high-end homes and understanding the subtleties of how you’d like the home to feel, the quality and style and the type of neighbourhood you’d like. We have bought many prestige homes for people who never see the home until after it settles – and they are delighted.

I am an engineer and earn $150,000 a year. Can you help me build a property portfolio?

The answer is ‘yes’. Of course we can. We take enormous pride in working with ordinary, hardworking Australians from all walks of life who want to actively take control of their wealth creation. We can advise on the right strategy to build a property portfolio for financial independence.

If I don’t live in Perth, how can you help me?

We work with clients from all around Australia and the world. In fact, with many of our clients, we never meet them in person. We can work by phone, email, fax and Skype, and we have a lot of experience in understanding what you’re looking for using these methods.

Often we’ve bought clients homes and investment properties ‘remotely’ (without our clients ever setting foot inside), and importantly, we’ve found exactly what they wanted and taken care of everything, invariably exceeding our clients expectations.

Aren’t all buying agents the same?

No they’re not. Whilst all buying agents are acting exclusively for buyers, you really need to consider the experience and reputation of each company. For example, the team at Property Wizards has bought hundreds of properties turning many clients into wealthy property owners.

Equally impressive is the number of industry awards that we’ve won including: REIWA Buyers Agent Hall of Fame; REIWA Buyers Agent of the Year 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2009, 2008 and 2007, National Real Estate Institute Awards for Excellence – Winner 2022 and 2020, Finalist 2010, 2009, 2008 and the Australian Gold Customer Service Award 2012 and 2015.

My accountant said I should buy a property. Can you help do this?

Definitely. In fact, many clients come to us when they realise they could do more
to generate wealth. Often, after we find a property, and clients can see their wealth growing every year, they entrust us to buy more property to add to their portfolio.

I’ve got $1,000,000 to invest. What are my options?

You’ll have plenty of options if you have $1,000,000 to invest. From buy-and-hold growth properties with that extra twist to add-value properties to fast-track your wealth. Of course, we’d really need to sit down and talk with you before coming up with any definitive recommendations.

I want a property strategy for my retirement? Can you help?

Absolutely. The power of ‘bricks and mortar’ to generate long term wealth is extraordinary, and there are lots of strategies we can recommend depending on your circumstances, your time frames and your ultimate aims.

What is the difference between a selling agent and a buying agent?

There’s a huge difference as a matter of fact. Real estate agents (selling agents) look after the interests of sellers (vendors) which they must do by law, so it’s impossible for them to act impartially. They are trying to sell the property for the highest possible price. Our goal as a ‘buying agent’ is to buy property on behalf of our clients, for the lowest possible price, and with terms and conditions best for the buyer, not the seller.

What’s more, selling agents simply cannot give you the dedicated time and attention needed to find and buy the property that’s right for you, and you can waste valuable time only to be disappointed at the results.

As a buyer’s agency, Property Wizards goes much further in understanding and serving your needs, and giving you expert advice that’s got only your interests in mind.

What are the different strategies for property wealth creation?

They range from yield-based strategies to capital growth strategies. They include ‘add value’ strategies to fast-track your property wealth or advanced strategies to develop your portfolio at wholesale prices and not pay retail plus. It depends on your aims, your time period and your financial situation. We can help you design and tailor the right strategy especially for you and your circumstances.

Can I have maximum capital growth AND yield?

The answer is both yes and no. And there is a way to create this dynamic strategy for yourself. To move forward, we will need your Getting Started form and a financial assessment.

What is the best way to work with Property Wizards?

For us to be able to help you, we need information from you to advise and guide you, and then to recommend strategies that will work for you. Our aim is to help you to put into place a long term property portfolio building strategy.

What is the next step?

To help you in the most professional way, we’d like you to complete our ‘Getting Started’ Form (link) that is simple and straightforward. With this, we can review your aims and objectives, and then contact you to discuss the best possible strategy for you to achieve your property wealth.

Am I under any obligation if I send you an enquiry form or request a free consultation?

Not at all. You’re under no obligation if you send us an enquiry or request a free consultation. We will simply meet with you by phone or at our office to explain some of the strategies for building wealth through property and see how we could help you, without any obligation on your part.


We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through property. To start the ball rolling, please take a moment to tell us what you’re looking for by filling out the no obligation enquiry form below or call us, your buyer’s advocate in Perth, WA on (08) 9381-7450 We’ll then have one of our key staff contact you shortly.

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