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Whether you’re looking for a house to call your home for your family or growing your wealth with property investments, Property Wizards has been a trusted authority in the Perth market for 16 years.

We help you:

  • Find the Best Properties Within the Top 10%
  • Pay the Best Price even when Doing Battle with Tough Agents
  • Avoid Buying a Dud Property and Losing Thousands of Dollars
  • Save Time and Stress

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Invest in Property

We follow a proven step by step approach to property investment in Perth. Backed by extensive industry experience in property investing, we offer a complete range of property investment advice and we can help investors to achieve their wealth creation goals through considered, well researched investments that aim to outperform the market.

Develop a Property

Whatever you envision your property to be, our experienced team can guide you through the process to completion, ensuring you get the right property for your project and helping you build a property portfolio of through development.

Buy a home to live in

Our methodical, step by step approach to buying a house in Perth has proven to be hugely successful for our clients. As professional property buyers, we understand that a home is a very personal choice and not all your criteria can be explained by logic – it must feel right too.

Finance Services

Your finance needs are our expertise. Whether you need a loan for investment properties, a home to live in, self-managed super funds (SMSFs), construction and development or commercial property, we can help you. Our service allows you to enjoy a stress-free, smooth process. Simply put, getting a loan that fits your needs is our specialty.

Buy a Commercial Property

As an investor, you can also create a property investment portfolio with commercial real estate. Where investors go wrong is to assume the rules for investing are the same as for residential property, or that they can do it themselves. Commercial properties are totally different from residential properties and if you don’t understand how they differ, your potential gold mine can quickly turn into a black hole, financially.

You can become a successful property investor with our help. We can show you ways to manage your risk through careful selection and screening, using methods most people are unaware of.


Your Needs are Our Commitment



Your property requirements deserve unbiased recommendations from professionals with extensive experience

Buyer's Interests

Your needs are our priority, not the seller’s

Strategic Advice

We listen to your personal property goals and help you plan the best way forward

Tailored and Individual Strategies

Your strategies are tailored to your needs with the help of our latest property wealth building approaches for the current market

Knowledge and Experience

We have decades of property buying experience and detailed understanding of the buying process

In-depth Research

We put time and effort into research to help you make the best decision for your personal goals


You don’t have to waste time guessing if a property is priced right for its value. The tough investigation is done for you

Negotiation Skills

We know how to and will do whatever it takes to tip the scales in your favour

Development and Add-Value Skills

We help hone your strategies for wealth-creating developments

Development and Subdivision Consulting

Don’t break a sweat. We’ll help and guide you to get your project done smoothly

Fast-Tracked Property Wealth Creation

Building your property wealth is a priority. We aim for strategies and properties that outperform the market


We know how to identify suburbs offering greater potential for growth based on future planning and infrastructure


Your success in property investment depends on making informed decisions. We have access to the latest data available and the experience to interpret and identify trends that will help you arrive at that decision


“I’ve got $500,000 to invest. What are my options?”

You’ll have plenty of options if you have $500,000 to invest. From buy-and-hold growth properties with that extra twist to add-value properties to fast-track your property wealth. Of course, we’d really need to sit down and talk with you before coming up with any definitive recommendations.

“Can I have maximum capital growth AND yield?”

The answer is both yes and no. And there is a way to create this dynamic strategy for yourself. To move forward, we will need to prepare a finance assessment for you.

“Aren’t all buying agents the same?”

No, they’re not. Whilst all buying agents act for buyers, you really need to consider the experience and reputation of each company. For example, the team at Property Wizards has bought hundreds of properties, has an abundance of happy clients and testimonials and has received multiple awards for service to buyers, including:

REIWA Buyers Agent of the Year – 2019, 2009, 2008, 2007, REIA Awards for Excellence – Finalist 2020, 2010, 2009, 2008 and the Australian Gold Customer Service Award 2015 and 2012.

“I want a wealth strategy for my retirement? Can you help?”

Absolutely. The power of ‘bricks and mortar’ to generate long term wealth is extraordinary, and there are many strategies depending on your circumstances, your time frames and your ultimate property aims.

“What is the difference between a selling agent and a buying agent?”

There’s a huge difference as a matter of fact. Real estate agents (selling agents) look after the interests of sellers (vendors) which they must do by law, so it’s impossible for them to act impartially. They are trying to sell their properties for the highest possible price. Our goal as a ‘buying agent’ is to buy property on behalf of our clients, for the lowest possible price, and with terms and conditions best for the buyer, not the seller.

“What is the best way to work with Property Wizards?”

For us to be able to help you, we need information from you to advise and guide you, and then to recommend strategies that will work for you. Our aim is to help you to put into place a long-term property portfolio building strategy.

“What are the different strategies for property wealth creation?”

They range from yield-based strategies to capital growth strategies. They include ‘add value’ strategies to fast-track your property wealth or advanced strategies to develop your portfolio at wholesale prices and not pay retail plus. It depends on your aims, your time period and your financial situation. We can help you design and tailor the right strategy especially for you and your circumstances.

“If I don’t live in Perth, how can you help me?”

We work with clients from all around Australia and the world. In fact, with many of our clients, we never meet them in person. We can work by phone, email and Skype, and we have a wealth of experience in understanding what you’re looking for using these methods.

Often we’ve bought clients homes and investment properties ‘remotely’ (without our clients ever setting foot inside), and importantly, we’ve found exactly what they wanted and taken care of everything, invariably exceeding our clients expectations.

“Am I under any obligation if I send you an enquiry form or request a free consultation?”

Not at all. You’re under no obligation if you send us an enquiry or request a free consultation. We will simply meet with you by phone or at our office to explain some of the strategies for building wealth through property and see how we could help you, without any obligation on your part.

“My accountant said I should buy a property. Can you help do this?”

Definitely. In fact, many clients come to us when they realise they could do more
to generate property wealth. Often, after we find a property, they entrust us to buy more property to add to their portfolio.

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