As people have become more aware of the workings of the real estate industry, many buyers now recognise the need for representation.

Just as you might engage a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant to address specific legal, health, financial aspects of your life, it makes sense to engage a professional buyer’s agent if you’re considering buying property.

And, if you are considering buying a house or apartment, the seller is likely to have an agent on their side, so why not have a professional on yours.

Whether you’re just starting out, or even if you’re a pretty savvy property investor, you’re probably asking, “but what can a buyer’s agent do that you can’t do yourself?”

Well, we put that question – and a few others – to Property Wizards director Liz Sterzel.

So what does a buyer’s agent do that you can’t do?

Take out the guesswork

“Buyers’ agents take out all the hard work and guesswork of buying a property, and in this sort of market, when people are a bit unsure, more and more investors want a helping hand to know they are getting value for money.”

Save time and money

“Home buyers and investors who are time-poor or who want to make sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck are better represented by property buyers’ agents because we act exclusively for the buyer, not the seller. That means we can also negotiate the purchase price and carry out due diligence to protect the buyer.”

It’s a buyer’s market – I don’t need help!

“On the contrary. A cooler market does not mean there are bargains to be found everywhere. You still need to be informed, do your research and not be focussed on ‘bargain-hunting’. Property investing is about buying the right property, at the right price, aligned to your investment strategy, regardless of the cycle. With expert help, investors don’t have to worry about where the market is in the boom/bust cycle as there are always opportunities to make money.”

Why are more people choosing to have a buyer’s agent on their side?

“In the past, most buyers were happy to do it all themselves, but not anymore. Now they’re realising that if they’re going to snap up the best possible house for the best possible price, hiring someone that knows the market inside out is the only way to go. Buyers’ agents do all the research for clients and we use our expertise to help them avoid pitfalls like paying too much.”

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What are the main benefits of having a buyer’s agent on your team?

“While real estate agents and property investment companies represent the seller or developer, property buyers’ agents act on behalf of buyers, using their expertise and databases to search thousands of properties and find the best investment to meet their clients’ needs.

They search for the best investment for clients, negotiate with the seller’s agent to ensure the buyer pays only what the property is worth and carry out due diligence to make sure the buyer doesn’t get any nasty surprises like finding out about zoning or road changes or unapproved renovations.

Because we know exactly how the market works, we save clients money – whether it be on the purchase price or by stopping them buying a lemon.”

What if you’re just looking for a home to live in – not an investment property, per se?

“But it’s not just about buying a home to live in; it’s about making a smart investment – and having access to industry experience and knowledge and getting the right advice to do that.

Homeowners don’t just want to live in a nice street – they want to know they are buying a property that will prosper.

Many investors are time-poor. They use buyer’s agents to not only save them time, but for assurance that they are putting their money in the best place to get the best return.”

What do you get for your dollars?

  • Independence – unbiased recommendations
  • Buyer’s interest – we represent you, not the seller
  • Strategic advice – the latest property wealth building strategies, relative to the market
  • Tailored, individual strategies – aligned with your personal goals
  • Knowledge and experience – decades of property buying experience and detailed understanding of the buying process
  • Detailed research – to isolate the properties that align with your goals
  • Investigation – to identify properties that are priced well or under-priced and offer the best opportunity for buying
  • Negotiation skills – that tip the scales in your favour
  • Development and add-value skills – helping hone your strategies for wealth-creating developments
  • Fast-tracked wealth creation – by finding properties that outperform the market
  • Techniques – that identity suburbs offering the greatest potential for growth based on future planning and infrastructure
  • Access – to silent sales and properties before they’re advertised
  • Analysis – access to the latest statistics available and the experience to interpret data and identify trends
  • Turn-key development service – everything is done for you

BONUS: A buyer’s agent service also gives buyers access to properties that are not yet available to the general public, because the buyer’s agent hears about opportunities early.

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