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“We handle the whole home renovation for you, and our professional advice means you won’t be spending money on the wrong jobs”.

Home renovating is a proven method to substantially increase the value of a property.

You may choose home renovation as a strategy on its own, or in combination with a buy and hold strategy or a plan to build wealth through development.

Of course, there’s more to home renovation than knocking down a couple of walls and adding a coat of paint.

For example, will your house renovation be in keeping with the age and style of the home? Do you need Council approval for the type of renovations you’re thinking? Have you considered the risk of over-capitalising and not seeing the returns? And most important of all, are you spending your renovation Dollars on the right things?

Our years of experience means we will be advising from a potential investment perspective, which is independent, and can ensure you don’t make a costly mistake.

Everything is handled for you. Tradespeople and ensuring they turn up when agreed, checking on their work, making sure it’s done in a reasonable time frame so that you can have it tenanted sooner, or ready to put on the market for sale.

Your renovation can be done more quickly because it’s done by a professional renovation consultant working full time – it doesn’t have to wait until you can get time off your busy schedule.

It’s also cost effective because of bulk buying, wholesale prices and the lower trade labour rates we and our suppliers enjoy.


We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through property. To start the ball rolling, please take a moment to tell us what you’re looking for by filling out the no obligation enquiry form below or call us on (08) 9381-7450. We’ll then have one of our key staff contact you shortly.

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We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through property.

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