“I enjoy finding someone a home they thought they could never get. Representing buyers, looking after them behind the scenes in ways they will never know and knowing it has made a difference in their lives. “  Liz Sterzel, Property Wizards.

Liz Sterzel has always had a good eye for property. When she was in her 20s, she had a gut-instinct to purchase an investment property in an oceanside suburb close to an expensive area. At the time, she didn’t have much of an understanding of property, but her instinct was right and the decision to buy that property turned out to be a very good investment.

Years later and Liz is now a successful real estate professional who has a passion for helping buyers and investors find their perfect property. She is Director at Property Wizards, an agency designed to assist buyers and investors with their property purchases.

She is REIWA Accredited in two specialty fields, Buyer’s Agent and Sales Representative, and was the winner of REIWA’s Buyer’s Agent of the Year at the 2021 Awards for Excellence. Liz and Property Wizards are also generous sponsors of REIWA’s Community REInvest program.

Outside of real estate, Liz enjoys walking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

The quick six with… Liz Sterzel

What drew you to becoming a buyer’s agent?

I had been unable to find professional help to source and negotiate my own property deals when I was too busy to focus on it. I saw a genuine need in the market. Buyers were not represented, and it was unfair – so it was a natural move to become a buyer’s agent and I have enjoyed it ever since.

What do you love most about your job? 

The best ‘feel-good’ moments are just when a really good deal is secured for a client on a great property. But I enjoy the research and selection very much and the ever-changing world of development properties. I enjoy finding someone a home they thought they could never get.

What are you most proud of achieving in your role? 

Having done hundreds of deals for clients they likely could never have achieved on their own. And just representing buyers, looking after them behind the scenes in ways they will never know and knowing it has made a difference in their lives.

What is the most challenging part of your job? 

In this market, it’s watching our clients’ buying power reduce and how that affects their lives. As prices rise their previously generous budget can no longer buy the properties they could previously. It’s a painful realisation and my job is to help them adjust to it as soon as possible so we can still find them the best now available for their budget.

We know the WA market is in a recovery phase, what have the last 12 months been like for you on the ground? 

A whirlwind! After years of lacklustre market performance, the market storm kept us busy. Finding suitable properties was sometimes a challenge with low stocks, but we succeeded well for our clients. That’s when I felt most sympathy for unrepresented buyers. Each week I’d see buyers at viewings, appearing almost resigned to the fact that they had little chance of securing a property and having no idea what the right price would be.

What is your best advice for buyers and investors?

Get professional advice and representation. It is a tough market out there and professional buyer’s agents are trained to get results at the right price and look out for you and only you.

Source: REIWA

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