This International Women’s Day, we thought we’d celebrate female empowerment by taking a look at female property investors.

An article last year, Single girls top guys in homeownership stakes, revealed that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, single women’s ownership of property is higher than that of single men.

It also showed that despite the oft-documented gender pay gap, in the property sector, some women are outperforming men.

Here’s some of the key stats:

  • In the 18 to 35 age bracket, single women lead single men in property ownership by 10 per cent.
  • When you broaden the age bracket, ownership by single women is still 3 per cent ahead of men.
  • Women are paying off their mortgages faster.
  • 48 per cent of women own their properties outright compared to 31 per cent of men.

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Why women are great investors

According to the article, “most women are great at saving money, they are very good at budgeting – and exceptional at spotting a bargain.”

We asked Property Wizards director Trevor Dunkley what he thought…

“I’m not surprised by these statistics. Many of the female clients we have are great savers, and are driven. They come to us with a strategy, and we help them realise it,” he said.

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Oh, and Happy International Women’s Day to our female readers!