Flexiblity to do what we want

Simon De Marchi and Suzie Pismiris

Simon De Marchi and Suzie Pismiris

Flight attendants

Suzie and I both work in the airline industry as flight attendants and are always out of the country.

When I was left with only $60,000 after my first marriage, I knew I had to do something. Suzie and I, both in our early 40s, undertook to invest in the property market. Our primary goal was to pay our existing mortgage down to a comfortable level. We knew property was for us as it was a more stable long term investment. Because we both were very time poor and out of the country all the time, it was very difficult to understand and research the current market. What made me get the motivation, were the stories in API magazine.

I was using an online property investing forum to gather information on buyer’s agents in WA. As I was gathering information on the forum about buyer’s agents I noticed that Property Wizards kept coming up in the online discussion and all the comments were positive. This is what gave us the confidence to approach Property Wizards.

When Suzie and I used Property Wizards we were buying at the peak of the market. Since both of us are mostly overseas it was a challenge to get us together to discuss any properties which were suitable for our strategy. In the time between finding the right property and both Suzie and I getting to a fax somewhere in the world on our travels to sign an offer, the best properties were being snapped up by other buyers. We decided to put all our faith in Property Wizards by signing a blank offer, while knowing that the conditions in our offer were there for our protection which made it easier for us to do this.

This would secure a great property without missing out.

The property that Property Wizards found was under market value. The deal was done after phone discussions while I was at hospital with my ill mother and Suzie about to fly to Italy. When Suzie went to inspect the property after settlement she was surprised to find the block was way bigger than she had first thought and was closer to the beach as well.


Both Suzie and I knew that this property put us on the road to financial freedom and we plan to use the equity in 3 to 5 years’ time to invest again. Because we are both employed by a major airline, we don’t have guaranteed job security and it’s so good to have the security of our property investments. It has put us on track to being able to choose to work or not, having enough money and flexibility to do what we want.


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