A lot of buyers never truly understand the value of a buyer’s agent until they use one.

Often a buyer’s agent handles lots of transactions every month, sharpening their intellect and feel for the market sentiment. The term ‘due diligence’ is transforming through technology in the property industry and buyer’s agents now have access to more information than ever before that gives power back to the buyer’s hand.

If you are still only half sure of what the role of a buyer’s agent is, here are five hidden benefits of using one.

1. Help you see clearly

Buying a house can be a very emotional process and it can be easy to crack under pressure and make a purchase you may later regret. 

Which is why, a buyer’s agent will be there by your side the whole way, making sure you remain level-headed and keep your property goals at the forefront of any decision you make. 

A buyer’s agent will know when to walk away if the price is too high or if something is not right with the property, and their recommendations are backed up by data so you know their decision is factual, not emotional.

The process is streamlined and treated as a professional transaction meaning the emotion that is was otherwise present is now removed and replaced with a voice of confidence and recommendation to ultimately save you from overpaying or losing the deal.

2. More reputable

When selling agents are dealing with a buyer who has a buyer’s agent, they know you are pre-qualified and the deal is less likely to fall over. 

Although a buyer’s agent does not guarantee your offer will be accepted, it does show that you are already qualified and ready for settlement.

3. Find you exclusive listings

Buyer’s agents develop relationships with seller’s agents who may bring properties to the table before going to market, giving you a head start before the property is publicly advertised. When it comes to finding your dream home, your buyer’s agent will be able to explore the whole market and not just offer their own listings.

4. Impartial with their advice

A buyer’s agent wants you to find your dream home with no hidden flaws. They are purely neutral with the properties they search for and present to you.

They will give you advice that they themselves would follow if they were looking for their own house, so you know they are 100 per cent transparent in the process. 

More importantly, they will be honest with you if the property has imperfections or isn’t right for you and they will be honest with how much they think it’s worth. Even if you’re in love with the property, your buyer’s agent will make sure you understand its negatives and its positives.

5. Educate you on the property market

Understanding real estate jargon and current market trends can be difficult, which is why buyer’s agents educate and guide their clients through this process.

They perform many transactions on a regular basis and are aware of the property cycle in particular suburbs, sentiment, stock levels and over-and under supply. So, they are in a position to make recommendations that are data-based and relevant. 

They will often have good knowledge of zoning, infrastructure and market drivers and the ability to find out relevant information. 

Your buyer’s agent will make sure you understand all of this, so you can make an educated decision based on what’s best in this current property market environment.


Source: Riewa.com.au


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