A new year often inspires a time to reflect – on your personal goals, health goals, financial goals. They’re called New Year’s resolutions for a reason. Have you made any?

If property investment has made your resolutions list or is part of your 2017 financial goals, now is a very good time in the Perth market. And if it hasn’t, perhaps it should!

If you’ve been umming and aahing about buying an investment property, now is a great time to make it happen.

People who try to time the market – in either shares or property – often miss the boat. They either don’t buy because “there is no perfect time”, or they end up buying the wrong property at the wrong price out of panic.

Why you don’t

The main reasons people don’t make their property dreams happen are:

  • Too busy

    – we’re all time-poor

  • Doubt and worry

    – all the what ifs? What’s the right time? What’s the right price?

  • Fear

    – I don’t know enough or have the confidence to do this

  • Deliberation

    – I’ll do it next month

  • Just not getting round to it

    – time doesn’t wait for anybody…


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Why you should

So let’s look at the flipside. What are the benefits of property investment if you do act and do realise it as a financial goal:

  • Solid long-term investment
  • Right property provides solid capital growth
  • Tangible – you can actually see where your money is
  • You don’t need a fortune to get started – many property investors earn modest incomes
  • Because of gearing, you can get large returns on the cash you invest if done correctly
  • You can hold a growth property for the cost of a couple of bottles of red per week


To maximise the benefits of property investing, you have to:

  • Be in it for the long term

    – it’s time in the market that makes you money

  • Select the right property

    – with all the factors in place to enhance the growth

  • Do your research

    – or get a professional on your side to do it for you

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