Recent shifts in the Perth property market have spotlighted an emerging trend: a swell in new, inexperienced, and especially interstate buyer’s agents. For the uninitiated, a buyer’s agent represents property buyers, in contrast to traditional agents who champion sellers. The role of buyer’s agents has found increased acceptance in Australia, with an estimated 5% to 20% of buyers seeking their counsel, as cited by an article from The Ascent referencing Business Insider. This wave appears particularly pronounced in Western Australia.

The Value of Local Insight

Recognising the unparalleled significance of on-the-ground knowledge, many seasoned buyer’s agents from the eastern states tend to direct their Perth-bound clients to local Perth agents. They’re well aware that remote operations, devoid of intimate familiarity with local nuances, laws, and trends, may lead to suboptimal client outcomes.

While many veteran buyer’s agents employ strategies honed over years to zero in on properties that align with their clients’ aspirations, some newcomers, especially those trained outside of Perth’s regulatory purview, might overlook critical local intricacies, jeopardizing their clients’ long-term interests.

The Qualification Conundrum

Herein lies a pressing concern. Some buyer’s agents, trained via certain interstate institutes, manage to procure complete operating licenses without undergoing the two-year tutelage mandated in Western Australia. This equips them to begin operations in Perth, bypassing the essential apprenticeship phase. On the other hand, there are also interstate buyer’s agents not necessarily from these institutes, who attempt to operate in Perth without deep local knowledge, sometimes even foregoing physical property inspections, leading to potential pitfalls for their clientele.

Understanding Local Intricacies

Furthermore, a number of these interstate buyer’s agents, while heavily reliant on broad statistics and data, may not capture the full essence and dynamics of the Perth property market. Such an approach might lead to decisions that miss out on the subtleties and unique characteristics of the local market.

In terms of local contracts and operations, nuances like the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) building inspection annexure, which only safeguards buyers against major structural defects, might be inadequately conveyed due to the agent’s unfamiliarity with Perth’s specific operating practices. This has led to situations where local settlement agency directors, overseeing a multitude of property settlements, frequently receive urgent queries from buyers who feel inadequately informed.

Furthermore, there are buyer’s agents unfamiliar with the nuances of the local sale contract, especially when their experience hails from places like Sydney, where solicitors generally handle and elucidate contracts. Without the proper contract explanation, buyers might find themselves without the comprehensive guidance and care that agents are obligated to offer.

Spotting and Rectifying Unprofessional Practices

A concerning trend has seen some buyer’s agents, especially those operating from interstate or lacking rigorous training, purchasing properties without firsthand inspections. The absence of on-the-ground presence or stringent supervisory guidelines emphasising physical inspections can result in buyers being directed towards potentially unsuitable properties.

These lapses in professional standards extend beyond property choices. While these might represent a minority, their actions are eroding trust. For example, instances have been observed where some buyer’s agents sidestep the selling agents, directly approaching property owners. Others covertly guide buyers to property managers for undisclosed fees. This behaviour, coupled with a lack of familiarity with local laws and protocols, has led many local selling agents to become increasingly wary of engaging with interstate agents.

Spotlight on Professional Buyer’s Agents

It’s pivotal to emphasise that the majority of buyer’s agents operating in Western Australia are seasoned professionals, adhering to stringent standards and fostering trust with all stakeholders. The arrival of a handful of less-equipped agents accentuates the need for reinforced regulations and industry oversight.

Roadmap to Solutions

  • REIWA Affiliation: Steering new buyer’s agents towards REIWA can be beneficial, given its robust code of conduct that agents are expected to uphold.
  • Strengthened Oversight: Advocating for enhanced regulatory measures concerning buyer’s agent training, registration, and operation can not only instill greater confidence in clients and ensure they are liaising with knowledgeable professionals but also bolster consumer protection. This proactive approach further safeguards the reputation of the buyer’s agent and the broader real estate industry.

In Summary

The Perth property landscape is witnessing an uptick in novice and non-local buyer’s agents, bringing along challenges that need addressing. With the dual concern of agents bypassing local tutelage requirements and others operating without comprehensive local insights, it’s essential for the industry to take cognisance and implement solutions. By doing so, we safeguard the interests of property buyers and uphold the reputation of the buyer’s agent and greater real estate profession.


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