Buyers’ agents have now become a permanent fixture in the Perth real estate market – and it seems investors aren’t the only ones taking up the service. There’s a rapidly growing trend for homebuyers to enlist the help of experts in their search for the family home.

Using a buyer’s agent was once mostly the domain of property investors, but a growing number of owner-occupiers are taking up the trend and with a degree of uncertainty plaguing buyers in today’s market, it’s an area that’s tipped to grow strongly.

Lower risk

More than ever home buyers say they’re realising what a huge investment buying a home is – and it’s a move they feel is too risky for them to make alone given recent movements in property prices.


They are making the most of the benefits an expert can bring, including an unemotional view of the property to help them make the best decision.

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It’s an investment, too

In the current market home buyers were realising they could not afford to buy a property that simply met their living needs.

In the past, many homebuyers bought a home simply because they liked the look, feel or location – now buyers realise the massive financial advantage of a property which offers strong potential growth as well as lifestyle comforts – and that’s where a buyer’s agent can help.

With Perth house prices now at the bottom of a cycle, and considering most home owners will sell after around seven years, there is great potential to secure a family’s future with a smart investment.

Wider network

Owner-occupiers who used agents had access to key expertise and a wider choice of properties via the agent’s network, which included silent listings not yet advertised.

Just as real estate agents act on behalf of a seller, buyers’ agents work exclusively for the buyer and search through thousands of homes for the property that best meets their needs and is also a good investment for the future.

Price advantage

Buyers’ agents regularly pick up properties priced under market value and private buyers representing themselves should be extremely cautious when it comes to settling on a price.

For example, Property Wizards had a private buyer come to us after taking on price negotiations himself and paying too much – around $100,000 above the property’s market value, which could have been avoided with thorough price research.

A buyer’s agent will take any uncertainty and leg work out of the equation; research and locate suitable properties for the client to view, negotiate the price, carry out due diligence to protect the buyer and secure the best deal possible.

We’ve seen the property market become much more sophisticated, so now, just as most people wouldn’t dream of trying to fix their modern, hi-tech cars these days, they also wouldn’t try to buy their home without expert help.

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